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About Us

There is a new beginning at the end of all journeys. RAME, is the name given in 2011 of the long journey we started 36 years ago. It is the beginning of the big and strong project that is shaped by new excitements and targets and of coming together of friends walking on different paths for a common objective.

Our name is a very strong expression of solidarity, support and cooperation as much as experience, expertise, innovation and production.  The reason is that bold, strong and contentious people who do not stop holding onto life despite their physical disabilities are the heroes of our story.

As RAME family, we set out by taking responsibility for creating solutions that will enable our heroes to overcome the obstacles and being by their side any time they needed. Although we cannot eliminate all the problems and obstacles in life, we know that we can help our friends which we contact to overcome the obstacles in front of them. That is why we work with more enthusiasm every day, create technical and mechanical opportunities in order for our disabled friends to live in a more comfortable world more happily as well as national and international solutions because RAME signifies the essence of nature, in other words “Freedom of Movement” in its simplest form. We are happy to have created solutions that made lives of our thousands of disabled friends and their families easier.

RAME is materialization of a uniquely beautiful dream, a journey to happiness and new beginnings at the end of which always awaits happiness... We extend our gratitude to all of our friends who walk with us on this path, share our dreams and work to make the world a better place.

Best regards.

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